Our Approach


The satisfying and effective application of integrative psychiatry includes the following elements:

  1. Skillful use of green pharmacy
  2. Ability to identify and treat physiologic root causes of mental health symptoms including gut health, inflammation, hormone imbalance, toxins, mitochondrial dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, etc.
  3. Appreciation of the role of trauma and its treatment. Trauma is a toxin that poisons a person’s relationship with others. The health of the parasympathetic nervous system depends on the capacity for nourishing relationships.
  4. Facility with a palette of mind-body treatments
  5. Commitment to lifestyle change as a cornerstone of treatment including diet, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep hygiene.


The Psychiatry MasterClass MAP includes all of these elements. To facilitate mastery and practical implementation into your busy practice, we have divided the curriculum into two levels. LEVEL 1 provides a solid foundation of green pharmacy and an overview of root causes. LEVEL 2 explores root causes in more depth. Trauma, mind-body treatments and the importance of lifestyle changes are covered throughout both Levels.

The Level 1 and Level 2 courses each have three parts:

  1. The didactic foundation is delivered in a series of recorded online videos (Level 1 only – about 10 hours). Our participants tell us that they love the dense content and the ability to view and review these at their leisure. Participants watch these prior to the live seminar and arrive prepared and ready to discuss cases. These can be purchased separately or as part of the full Level 1 training. The online learning video package is not included in Level 2.
  2. The live seminar (about 14 hours) is limited to 32 participants. All three faculty are present throughout the seminar for a lively group discussion of cases, assessment, treatment planning, protocols, algorithms and logistics. Participants are invited to bring cases to the live seminar for discussion.
  3. For those who attend the live seminar, access to the online faculty/alumni discussion group is included from the time of registration to the live conference and for six months after the live conference. Subscription to the discussion group can be extended for an additional fee. We want to be there to help you implement this material into your practice!

Individual instruction and mentoring is available by video conference for an additional fee. We attend study groups (usually by video conference) around the country to present new material and hold case conferences. Or invite one or more of us to speak live at your local hospital, clinic or professional society meeting. We love to spread the word!